Zion's Awe

This was a great experience in Utah for me that yielded some amazing shots. I avoided a potentially tragic end to not only my photography career but to pretty much everything in general. The set up for the three shots in the series was at 6 AM in 25° weather. It was a long hike up to the spot and the set up was in the dark on the edge of a very steep drop-off. I didn't get the hint during setup when my tripod was shimmying toward the edge of the cliff, should've, but didn't. It's weird standing on such a steep incline in the dark because it feels like you are being pulled toward the edge no matter how much you lean away from it. After taking a video of my temporary insanity I put my cell phone in my backpack that was on the ground above where I was setting up. When I turned back around and took a step toward my tripod I caught the lip of a small ledge and started to stumble forward. I'm blaming the clumsiness on the cold of course. Knowing what was a few feet in front of me I took the hit and dropped to all fours. Knees painfully planted firmly on solid rock and hands in front of me, I looked up and saw my hands were actually between my tripod legs, which were less than a foot from the drop-off. For some reason I actually looked over the edge to see what could have been and it wouldn't have been pretty. Looking at this piece you can see how steep the setup is by the angle of the rocks on either side of the shot. What an adventure! This limited Edition piece is number 6/25 and can be ordered to any 2:3 ratio size. I start all of my L.E. pieces at $3,500.00 and increase the price after every 5 pieces find homes. This is the first piece available in the $5,000.00 series. As with my other L.E pieces I am offering this one in a black floater frame. The shot was taken at 14mm to show the entire canyon's beauty and dramatic landscape. The other two pieces in the series are Nature's Reverence and Evanescent Beauty

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