Evanescent Beauty

This is the third piece in a three shot series and it is Evanescent Beauty. The series was taken on a trip to Utah in January of 2022. It was cold but the weather was good so my adventures were a go! Please read the description of Zion's Awe in this gallery to be a part of my harrowing adventure while taking this series. The amazing thing about the series is I was facing east before sunrise for my capture of Natures Reverence and then I turned around to the west to take this shot called Evanescent Beauty. Both were shot at 35mm and there was about two minutes between each capture. The difference in the sky is amazing to me looking east and west. The two images would be incredible next to each other showing the difference in the sky. This piece is set in a black floater frame and is 30" x 45". As with all of my Limited Edition pieces they go up in price after every five in the series have found homes. This is number 3/25 and the piece is priced at $3,500.00

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