Pollock Hills

Pollock Hills is one of my favorite shots I've had the pleasure of capturing. I couldn't wait to see this enlarged and it definitely didn't disappoint! I've had nothing but amazing feedback on the image so far and I expect it to be one of my best selling Limited Edition pieces. Pollock Hills is abstract to say the least. The piece can be displayed either horizontally or vertically and it looks amazing both ways. The colors go perfectly with any ocean decor all the way to western themes. This one definitely doesn't disappoint. Number 5/25 of Pollock Hills has been acquired. Number 6/25 of Pollock Hills can be custom ordered up to 72" and any frame can be paired with the piece at no additional charge with the exception of Roma frames. This is the first piece available in the second round of pricing and it will begin the $5,000.00 price point group.

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