Beauty and the Beast

Utah has quickly become one of my favorite places to shoot. The landscape is mind-blowing to say the least and the wildlife is always present. Whether I'm hiking into remote locations or setting up in one of the national parks, there's always something to shoot around every corner or bend. This particular piece is without a doubt one of my favorites and there was a tremendous amount of luck involved. Being able to travel across the country at a moments notice, having lost camera equipment eventually show up at my destination, being in the right place at the right time during one of the best shooting days I have ever seen, and having that certain calm to shoot in between gasps and 'I can't believe this is happening right now' comments, all made this piece possible. The current piece available is 3/25 and the size is 30" x 45". As with my other L.E. pieces this comes in a brushed aluminum black floater frame. One thing I really like about this piece is it's a matte finish and that really seems to show the weather in all of it's glory, especially the menacing low clouds and misty appearance. Beauty and the Beast #3/25 is $3,500.00.

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